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Our Guide for Rewilding the Garden

Published date: 22/06/2022 09:00


Discover our top wholesale garden products for encouraging birds, bees, butterflies and bugs into any outdoor space.

Over the past few years we’ve spent more time at home than ever and it’s given us the opportunity to enhance our outdoor spaces and inspire a love for gardening. From lush green lawns and colourful cottage gardens to terraces and balconies filled with potted plants of every size and shape, our outdoor spaces are as individual as we are. However being a great gardener isn’t all about plants, it’s about helping and encouraging the natural ecosystem by providing a place for bugs, bees, butterflies, birds and even hedgehogs to thrive. Below you can discover some of our exclusive garden products, designed to help provide habitats for mini-beasts and more.

The Bugs and the Bees

Bees are perfect pollinators, helping plants to grow and breed. Despite being so important to us for reasons such as growing food and producing materials such as cotton for clothing, bee populations are declining around the world due to factors such as pollution, habitat loss and use of pesticides. We can encourage and protect bees and other helpful insects by installing bee and bug hotels in our gardens to provide safe habitats.

Explore our range of wholesale bee and bug houses below:

Beehive Shaped Bee HouseDP_09031 Beehive Shaped Bee House

DP_41638 Wooden Bee House

Mushroom Shaped Insect HouseLG_30722 Mushroom Shaped Insect House

Bug and Bee HotelGG_56138 Wooden Bug and Bee Hotel



There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting out in your garden, feeling the sun on your face and watching the birds flutter and swoop from the trees and plants. From robins and blue tits to wagtails and wrens, it’s satisfying to see different birds enjoying your garden as much as you. Birds are important for helping to control the number of insects in the garden and will happily snack on a variety of bugs to help maintain a harmonious balance.

Birds will have a safe place to nest in our range of wholesale bird houses including exclusive designs and incredible hand carved bird houses ethically sourced from Bali.

Bark Bird HouseLG_30822 Wood Bark Bird House

All Birds Welcome Bird HouseIG_11731 All Birds Welcome Bird House

Carved Owl Bird HouseOR_58522 Carved Owl Bird House



Hedgehogs are one of Britain’s most charming and adored wildlife characters. Like birds, hedgehogs can help to control insect populations as part of a balanced ecosystem. Hedgehogs will typically create nests in old tree roots, log and leaf piles and even under sheds. Our wooden hedgehog house is designed to provide a warm, dry and cosy nesting spot just the right size for a hedgehog. 

Wooden Hedgehog HouseIG_11931 Wooden Hedgehog House


If you think your customers will be interested in the products featured above, you may also want to explore similar ranges such as plant pots and garden accessories.

Have a question about selling our products? Explore our FAQs or get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.




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