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At Something Different we want to make everything simple for our customers so we have introduced detailed data feeds to make managing inventory as easy as possible.

What is a data feed?

A data feed is a file which contains a list of products with all the information about them needed to sell the items.

Our data feed contains all the information you need for each of our products including stock levels, sizes, descriptions and pricing.

You can access all of our products in the feed which are available for sale.

What can I use your data feed for?

You can use our data feeds to:

  • check stock levels
  • access information about a product including sizes, weights, descriptions, material, commodity codes, country of origin, barcodes, packaging, delivery dates and prices
  • automate product information and stock levels to your selling platform or website
What format is the feed?

There are 2 download options for our detail feeds -  .txt format which can be opened in Excel or a similar spreadsheet software and .xlsx format.


How often is your feed updated?

Our feed is updated every 15 minutes.

How can I download your feed?

Simply click on the download buttons below to download the feed you want. We have 3 feeds available: Stock Images Only, Detailed Stock Feed and Stock Levels Only versions.

Download Stock Images Only

Download Stock Levels Only

Download Detailed Stock Feed .txt format

Download Detailed Stock Feed .xlsx format

What information is included in your Detailed Stock Feed?

Click here to view all fields included in our Detailed Stock Feed.

Can I download just the images?

Yes, click here to download our Stock Image Feed.

Does Your Feed Have Descriptions?

Yes our feed includes descriptions for the items. We recommend that you use our descriptions as a basis for your listings and adapt the text so that it is unique to you and relevant to your customers.  

I am interested in dropshipping your products. Do you have a dropship data feed?

Yes, please click here to visit our dropship website or click on the feed links below.

Download Dropship Stock Feed .txt format

Download Dropship Stock Feed .xlsx format

I would like to suggest another data field that I think would be useful. Where can I share my ideas?

We are always keen to hear from our customers! To leave your feedback or make a suggestion, please click here.