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Lamps, Bricks and Candle Holders - The Wonderful World of Himalayan Salt

Published date: 21/05/2018 15:53

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Find out about our wholesale Himalayan Salt products and the benefits of having a salt lamp.

As well as being an attractive item, salt lamps are becoming increasingly popular. Believed to enhance well-being, reduce allergies and improve mood and sleep, more and more people are purchasing these items. So how do they work and what benefits can they bring?

A salt lamp works by reducing the amount of positive ions in the air through the creation of negative ions which neutralise the air around us. It is thought that positive ions which are generated by everyday objects such as televisions, computers and mobile phones contribute to ill health, fatigue and stress.

The negative ions of the salt lamps, counteract these ions and in turn reduce the ‘electronic pollution’ inside the home bringing a sense of calm, well being and a purified environment.

Made only from pure Himalayan salt crystals mined in Pakistan, a salt lamp is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each lamp has a bulb inside which, when plugged in and switched on, creates a warm, soothing effect whilst gradually heating up the lamp.

It is the gentle heat of the lit lamp which attracts moisture from the air and begins the ionizing process. For maximum effect, Salt lamps need to be placed in the areas of the home where people are most likely to be for long periods of time, for example the living room and bedroom. The reason for this is simply to maximise exposure to the positive energy generated by the salt lamp.

6-8 Kg Salt Lamp - EI_39411 A Salt lamp... Attracts Humidity Removes moisture from the air and therefore pollutants Neutralizes the ‘electronic pollution’ in the air Reduces allergens and irritants Creates a soothing effect Aids sleep Improves Mood

And it’s not just lamps…. As the benefits of Himalayan salt are becoming more widespread, there are many more salt products available.

Himalayan Salt Inhaler - SI_66635 The Himalayan Salt Inhaler - Used to boost overall respiratory strength and lung capacity through salt therapy The Himalayan Salt Brick - Used for both hot and cold foods the salt brick gives a unique way of presenting food, as well as improving the taste of many foods. Store in the freezer and use it to serve cold meats and fish or heat it on the stove to cook steak Himalayan Salt Cooking Brick - SB_66735 The Himalayan Salt Candle Holder – Naturally beautiful and one of our bestselling items, place a single tea light in the centre of the candle holder to gently warm the Himalayan salt Single Salt Candle Holder - CH_38911 USB Salt Lamps – Plug in to a computer to benefit from the positive effects whilst working USB Salt Lamp - EI_38811 Himalayan Bath Salt – relax in a warm bath of Pink Himalayan Bath Salt to soften and smooth the skin, detoxify, reduce pain and inflammation Himalayan Bath Salt - 100g - SO_40813 At Something Different Wholesale we have a wide selection of Salt Lamps and Himalayan Salt products available for next day delivery. Click here to view the full range.


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