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We have partnered with Hokodo to offer a Buy Now, Pay Later solution at checkout. This allows you to purchase and receive the stock you need for your business, without having to pay any of the cost for 30 days.

No interest, no fees and no order history with Something Different required. 

What Is Hokodo?

Hokodo is a digital payments company and Europe’s leading provider of Buy Now, Pay Later solutions for B2B e-commerce.

  • 33,000 businesses like yours regularly use Hokodo for their business purchases
  • 274,000 unique orders have been placed using Hokodo
  • 30+ wholesalers and marketplaces offer Hokodo’s solution to their customers in 6 countries across Europe. 
How Does It Work?
  1. Fill your shopping basket
  2. Head to the checkout, choose your desired delivery address and select Buy Now, Pay Later as your payment method
  3. Hokodo will send an order confirmation email outlining when payment is due, up to 30 days from your order date
  4. Your SDW order is delivered as normal so you can begin selling to your customers without delay
  5. Hokodo will send an email reminder three days prior to payment date
  6. An email will be sent on the due date with a link to complete your payment

Who Can Use It?
Buy Now, Pay Later is currently only available to customers in the UK. Check your eligibility and credit limit by interacting with the Hokodo banner at the top of the website. This banner is only visible to logged-in users.


Hokodo Credit Check Banner Screengrab

Simply enter your company details, either as a sole trade or limited company. Hokodo will then analyse your company, transactions and payment history in order to determine eligibility. This does not impact your credit score.

Hokodo Company Details Screengrab

To pay using Buy Now, Pay Later, simply select this option as your payment method at checkout.

Hokodo Payment Method

How Long Does Approval Take?

Most of the time, Hokodo can approve your business for payment terms in less than a second. Occasionally, when a manual review is required, it can take longer. 

How Much Can I Spend?

After your business is approved, your credit limit will be displayed in the banner at the top of the website. This information is only visible by logging into your Something Different account.

Multiple orders can be placed with Buy Now, Pay Later, provided you do not exceed the credit limit of your account and keep up with any due payments. Your credit limit and spend can be found on the 'My Account' page.

My Business Wasn't Approved, What Happens Next?

Hokodo will continually check your eligibility for trade credit if you are declined on your first attempt. The Buy Now, Pay Later banner will remain in place and will update to read 'Check your credit limit' if Hokodo determine you may be eligible for trade credit. You can also contact to request they review your credit eligibility.

Approval depends on several factors that revolve around your business's credit worthiness and purchasing behaviour. To determine your credit limit and payment terms, Hokodo use the name and address of your business to conduct a credit and fraud risk assessment, using a range of sources including Companies House.

Credit Score & Late Payments

The credit and fraud checks conducted during the approval process do not impact your credit score. Providing your invoices are paid on time, your credit score will not be affected.

If your invoice is past its due date, Hokodo will begin the dunning process. They will attempt to contact you by email and telephone. If necessary, a collections agency will become involved.

Can I Pay For My Order Before The Due Date?

You can settle your payments early by card or bank transfer. Contact and their support will provide you with the details you need to do this.

What’s the maximum amount I can spend on one transaction?

Instant credit terms can be extended on orders up to the value of £20,000 or €25,000. Above that, Hokodo’s credit analysts will need to run a manual review.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can choose the Pay In 3 option within the Buy Now Pay Later checkout and split your purchases into 3 interest-free monthly payments. You'll make the first payment right away, and the rest will follow automatically every 30 days.

Can I still access Hokodo’s solution if I am behind on my payments?

Customers with unpaid invoices are not permitted to place any new orders until their debts have been cleared.

Can I use Hokodo on a collection order?

As proof of delivery is required for an order to qualify for Hokodo Buy Now, Pay Later, the service is not available for collection orders.

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