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New Tipsy Gifts Gin & Prosecco Themed Collection

Published date: 17/10/2019 11:16


Look no further for wholesale gifts inspired by some of the UK’s most popular tipples – Gin and Prosecco!

Alcohol has always been a popular theme for gifts here in the UK and now more than ever our love for a strong drink is becoming more evident, perhaps fuelled by social media and a growing trend for sharing what we’re sipping with our friends and followers on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Whilst alcohol in general seems to have undergone a facelift, along with the bars and venues it’s served in, there are two beverages in particular which have experienced an extra noticeable growth in popularity - gin and prosecco.

According to Google Trends both Gin and Prosecco have seen a growth in interest since 2014 with the number of online searches peaking over the festive season each year. This heightened interest in December can be attributed to buying gifts, online grocery shopping and even researching recipes for Christmas cocktails.

Here at Something Different we wanted to create a range of gifts designed for those who enjoy a drink and letting the good times roll, which is where the inspiration of our Tipsy Gifts collection came from.

Filled to the brim with alcohol-inspired musings, modern shades of pastel pink, bottle green, and a dash of gold glitter for good measure, our range of gifts are sure to be a hit with fans of prosecco, gin, wine and many other popular tipples.

The Tipsy Gifts collection has a modern design yet the fonts and flourishes give it a vintage twist along with the shape of the signs which are inspired by traditional British street signs. This design aesthetic allows the products to appeal to a wide age group.

The range includes signs, mugs, coasters and mini sentiment signs which are great token gifts. Some of the expressions on the products include ‘Friends don’t let friends drink wine alone’, ‘You are the rum to my coke’ and ‘I’d rather be drinking prosecco’.

If you’re interested in stocking this new collection, you can view the full Tipsy Gifts collection by clicking here.


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