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New Adorable Animal Family Ornaments Have Arrived

Published date: 24/10/2019 11:56


Exclusive to us at Something Different Wholesale in the UK, these Animal Families are sure to warm their way into the hearts of your customers.

Here at Something Different we’ve been supplying Animal Families ornaments since 2015 when we acquired the ethical supplier Windhorse, who had been distributing the products for over 10 years prior. These longstanding bestsellers include elephants, monkeys, owls and hedgehogs. In our industry it’s unusual to find a non-branded design that stands the test of time and so these Animal Families are really quite a remarkable collection.    

The ornaments come from China where they are sourced from an ethical supplier. Our ethical suppliers are particularly held in high regard for the work they do supporting their local communities and charities.

Made from resin, the new selection of ornaments feature animals which are recognised for their family bonds. Bears were chosen as popular family-related terms of endearment like ‘Cubs’ and ‘Mama Bear’ are associated with this animal.

Penguins are held in high regard for their loyalty and the lengths they will go to for their partner and chicks. The male Emperor Penguin will guard their egg for 2 months without food, at the mercy of the Antarctic elements. Meanwhile the female penguin will travel across the ice for about 50 miles before they reach the sea and can hunt for fish to bring back to feed the newly hatched chick.

Rabbits (particularly baby bunnies!) have always been a popular animal favoured for their cuteness and so including them in our new selection of family ornaments made perfect sense.

The ornaments come in three options; a couple, a parent and child, and a family of three. The ornaments make great gifts for occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Weddings and Anniversaries.

Wholesale Rabbit Family OrnamentWholesale Penguin Couple OrnamentWholesale Penguin OrnamentWholesale Penguin Family OrnamentWholesale Bear Couple OrnamentWholesale Bear OrnamentWholesale Bear Family OrnamentWholesale Rabbit Couple OrnamentWholesale Rabbit Ornament

We first previewed these new lines at Autumn Fair at the NEC in September and we received a fantastic response from visitors to the show. At the time these items weren’t yet in stock but we received an overwhelming amount of pre-orders for the ornaments and now that they are in stock we’re looking forward to these figurines making their way into the homes of families around the world as part of the festive gifting season.

If you’re interested in stocking these ornaments, you can view the whole Animal Families collection on our website. If you have any questions or would like any assistance, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.




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