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6 Wholesale Home Products for Creating a Spiritual Oasis

Published date: 24/06/2022 12:00


Spirituality and practices such as yoga and meditation have experienced a significant increase in interest in recent years, and as a result there’s a growing demand for creating peaceful, spiritual sanctuaries in the home and garden. People are using these spaces to relax, reflect and meditate to mentally prepare for the day ahead or unwind and unpack thoughts and feelings during the evenings before bed for a more restful night’s sleep.

Whether it’s a small space inside or a larger area outdoors, we supply an eclectic range of wholesale spiritual home décor accessories which will help to create a spiritual oasis in the home. If you’re looking for products to offer your customers, let us inspire you with six of top product picks from our range.


6 Products for Creating a Spiritual Oasis


Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have been one of our bestselling products for decades. Originally viewed as unique and alternative, they were the perfect ‘something different’ home accessory. Salt lamps are now becoming more mainstream and are experiencing a growth in popularity amongst a new, younger demographic.

Today’s younger generations are more in-tune with mental health and its importance, so much so that they are incorporating spiritual elements into their personal spaces and home décor to boost their mood with positive energy.

Himalayan salt lamps offer many wellbeing benefits  which you can learn more about in our dedicated blog post HERE.


Hanging Crystals

2. Hanging Crystals

Crystals and light are often used as part of relaxation and energy therapies which is why our wholesale multi-faceted hanging crystals are perfect for boosting the ambience in the home. These crystals are often referred to as Feng Shui crystals as they can be used to brighten up dark and chaotic areas in the home by stringing them up in a sunny window to refract the light and cast it around the room. These crystals are believed to bring positive and clarifying energy.


Smudge Sticks and Smudge Bowls

3. Smudge Sticks and Bowls

Smudge sticks are made from dried herbs, tightly banded together to form a stick of varying length and thickness. White sage and palo santo are popular smudge stick choices. Smudges sticks found their place centuries ago, used by shamans for ritualistic purposes. Today they are still maintained as a spiritual tool for cleansing personal auras and homes.

Before lighting the smudge stick it’s recommended to set an intention for the ritual such as clearing a new home of negative energy before moving in. The smudge can then be gently wafted around the room or left to sit in a smudge bowl where the herbal fragrance will work its magic.


Wholesale Buddha Ornaments

4. Buddha Ornaments

The Buddha is synonymous with spirituality. Buddhism is a faith which was founded over 2.500 years ago in India. The word Buddha means ‘enlightened’ and Buddhists practice meditation as it’s believed to help awaken truth. Buddha ornaments have now become popular accessories for areas of spirituality and meditation. Our range of Buddha ornaments includes large outdoor Buddhas as well as ceramic oil burners which are perfect for using for aromatherapy during meditation, yoga, or reiki sessions. 


Chakra Wall Hangings

5. Chakra Wall Hangings

By incorporating a chakra wall hanging into the home, it serves as a reminder of spiritual balance, ensuring we give attention to all areas of ourselves from the head and heart to the solar plexus and throat. The Seven Chakra’s can help us to identify areas of ourselves that we need to develop and build upon, making it a powerful guide for those seeking a higher sense of spiritual enlightenment and wellbeing.


Wholesale Altar Tables

6. Wooden Altar Tables

Altar tables can help to create an area of focus in the home and provide a place to display spiritual tools and accessories such as crystals, candles and smudge bowls. By having a dedicated ‘centre’ for spirituality in the home, we’re more likely to disconnect from the bustle and distractions of everyday life, making our time out much more effective and felt.


If you think your customers will be interested in the products featured above, you may also want to explore more of our wholesale spiritual products.

Have a question about selling our products? Explore our FAQs or get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.




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