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What Are the Benefits of Himalayan Salt?

Published date: 21/06/2022 14:00


Thinking of expanding your spiritual and wellness product range? You have come to the right place!

Highly regarded for having many physical and mental health benefits, our Himalayan Salt range is one of our bestselling collections. Although Himalayan salt can be used for cooking, seasoning meals and preserving food, chunks of Himalayan salt can be made into candleholders, lamps and in place of bath salts. The salt is harvested from Pakistan and includes trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and a high percentage of sodium which benefits our physical and mental wellbeing.

Read on to find out the benefits of Himalayan Salt that’s sure to send your customers into pure relaxation.


The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps


Salt Lamps

Our salt lamps are made from pieces of 100% natural Himalayan salt, featuring a distinct look and a warm pink glow when switched on. These decorative lamps have various health benefits associated with them. Effectively use the salt lamp by leaving it on for a period of time, as salt lamps are hygroscopic and draw in water. Leaving the lamp on will keep it warm, and any water it collects will evaporate straight away. Our unique Salt Aroma Lamp  allows you to practice aromatherapy by placing water and a few drops of fragrance oil in the glass dish, and the heat from the bulb will warm up the oil. 

It is believed that salt lamps can:

Clean and deodorise the air

Boost your mood

Help you sleep

Improve concentration

Improve energy levels


Products featured in image above:

 EI_40713 1.5-2kg Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamp

 EI_38611 1.5-2kg Himalayan Salt Lamp

 EI_60111 Large White USB Colour Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp


The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Oil Burners

Oil Burners

Our Himalayan salt oil burners are used to burn essential oils or wax melts for aromatherapy. Place a tealight inside the holder and your choice of fragrance oil or wax melt on the glass dish to fill the home with fragrance. Their soothing and soft glow enhances the mood when used.

It is believed that oil burners can:

Purify the air of the room

Have spiritual benefits

Improve concentration

Provide better sleep and improve immunity


Products featured in image above:

 OB_68430 Tulip Himalayan Salt Oil Burner

 OB_68340 Cube Himalayan Salt Oil Burner

 OB_84112 Himalayan Salt Lamp Oil Burner


The Benefits of Himalayan Salt for Wellbeing


Championed for their therapeutic and healing qualities, our Himalayan bath salts and soap bars have physical and mental benefits. The most natural way to seek comfort and calm, Himalayan bath salts allow the body to cleanse physical toxins, ease aching bones and soothe both the mind and body, bringing everything back into balance.

Our Himalayan bath salts, inhaler and soap bars can:

•  Provide a relaxing and calming experience

•  Ease aches and pains

•  Improve your quality of sleep

•  Treat skin conditions

•  Replenish minerals

•  Boost respiratory strength and lung capacity

•  Contain natural antibacterial properties


Products featured in image above:

 SO_40813 Himalayan Bath Salt

 SI_66635 Himalayan Salt Inhaler with Salt

 SO_40613 Heart Shaped Salt Soap


Himalayan Salt Bundles and Pallet Deals

Bundles and Pallet Deals

If you are thinking of purchasing Himalayan Salt products after reading this blog, why not make the most of our bundle and pallet deals? A bundle or pallet deal is designed to offer purchasing convenience, great for retailers planning to introduce a new range of products to their customers, or for regular buyers to quickly top up their stock. You can also enjoy a fantastic discount!

Deals mentioned above:

PALLET_DEAL 1.5-2kg Salt Lamp Pallet Deal – 25% off

SALT_BUNDLE_1 Himalayan Salt Bundle Deal – 10% off 


Remember, a positive mindset brings positive things!

🤗 🤍


Discover our Himalayan Salt range HERE

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For even more inspiration, visit our Instagram page or our website for product ideas. Our Inspire Me and Bestsellers sections are filled with treasures to help you find new and exciting products for your business.



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