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Our Top 5 Best-Selling Incense Fragrances

Published date: 24/06/2022 13:00


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We stock over 350 types of wholesale incense and understand that choosing the right fragrances to offer your customers can be a difficult task. We’re here to share our tried-and-true best sellers with detailed scent descriptions straight from the noses of the SDW team.


Wholesale Nag Champa Incense

1. Nag Champa

Nag Champa, also referred to as Sai Baba Nag Champa, is the incense fragrance that tops our best seller list month after month. Popular across the board, this scent boasts an intense (but not overpowering) mix of woody and sweet that has become a worldwide favourite.

Scent profile: woody & sweet

  Good for: first-time incense buyers

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Wholesale White Sage Incense

2. White Sage

Commonly used in smudge stick form, White Sage is a popular fragrance for cleansing and purifying sacred spaces. This light, herbaceous scent is great for quickly refreshing a small room or accompanying a session of yogic meditation.

  Scent profile: herbaceous & fresh

  Good for: small spaces

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Wholesale Dragon's Blood Incense

3. Dragon's Blood

Named for the deep red sap of the Dracaena tree, Dragon’s Blood is a powerful scent best described as warm and amber-like. A heavier fragrance overall, Dragon’s Blood is great for large spaces and creating a cosy atmosphere in the autumn and winter months.

  Scent profile: warm & musky

  Good for: large spaces

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Wholesale Sandalwood Incense

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a familiar scent across all types of home and personal fragrance types. Known for its warm, woody scent, sandalwood is a popular choice for relaxation and everyday use throughout the home.

  Scent profile: warm & woody

  Good for: everyday use

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Wholesale Lavender Incense

5. Lavender

The distinct floral scent of lavender is light and an all-around people pleaser. Perfect for destressing and creating a fresh, relaxing atmosphere, this classic fragrance is an essential for the home. It is even said to aid in a restful night’s sleep!

  Scent profile: floral & sweet

  Good for: relaxation

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Still unsure what fragrances to stock?

Contact our friendly Customer Care team and they can help you find the perfect selection of incense to offer your unique customers.


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