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Which Witch Are You? The different types of Witches

Published date: 27/09/2022 13:51

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Witches have been around for centuries. Historically, communities around the world would call upon healers to share folk magic remedies for illness, crop protection, and good weather.

The mid-20th century saw a positive revival of the term “witch” through the Wiccan movement, which spread into many feminist movements. Today, many people from different spiritual traditions and cultures are reclaiming the word “witch”, with witchcraft becoming increasingly diverse, decentralised, and open to personal interpretation.

What are the traditional types of witches?

A Coven-based Witch operates as part of a wider group of witches, sometimes led by a high priestess, who combine their magical powers and skills to create stronger, bigger spells and manifest outcomes for the group and beyond. Covens tend to focus on ceremonial and ritualistic magic.

A Solitary Witch works alone rather than with a group of other witches. They can follow a particular branch of witchcraft or a combination. 

A Hereditary Witch is someone who inherited their powers or their practice through their family line. 

A Traditional or Folk Witch practices folk magic of their ancestors or of the people in the nearby geographic area. Many traditional witches use a blend of old beliefs and practices combined with modern tools and ideas. Often, they would take a historical approach by using magical practices and beliefs that were around long before Wicca existed. 

In 2022, there are many types of witches! ‘Witch Influencers’ now exist on Instagram, and a quick scroll on 'WitchTok' on TikTok will show you everything from traditional rituals to a more wellness-based approach focused on affirmations.

Maybe you are among the growing number of witches already? But which witch are you?

Take the short quiz below to find out:

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You?

You are a Crystal Witch

Crystal Witches are deeply connected to the vibration and power of crystals, gems, rocks and stones, and they practice crystal magic to manifest, amplify, and attract energy. This type of witch loves collecting crystals, charging them in the moonlight, and then harnessing their energies for manifestation and meditation. If you see auras, feel energies, and love shiny things, then you are a Crystal Witch!

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You are a Cosmic Witch

Cosmic Witches are drawn to astrology, and they are largely focused on the lunar energies of the Moon cycle and spells that amplify or protect against celestial events. They are clued up on zodiac signs and birth charts and track the stars and planets to fully harness their power as both witch and a natural healer. If you find that people come to you for advice, you are drawn to all things celestial and enjoy working with the universe, then you may be a Cosmic Witch!

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You are a Green Witch

Green Witches feel most content and powerful when surrounded by nature. These magickal workers are all about nature, healing and nurturing. They draw their power, tools and rituals from the earth and the great outdoors. Plant, flower and herbal preparations are used as a primary source of spell ingredients and ritual content. If you feel drawn to the natural world, have a gift for healing and soothing, enjoy gardening and tending to plants and herbs, you could be a Green Witch!

You are a Kitchen Witch

As a Kitchen Witch, manifestation and other spell work feels most natural whilst cooking. They incorporate magic into cooking and baking, and they might choose herbs for their magical properties just as for their taste. Kitchen Witches might prepare meals for specific holidays, purposes, or rituals to share with their community or coven. Study the different uses for herbs and spices, and use your recipes as manifestation tools.

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* Quiz is for entertainment purposes only. 


Here are some more types of Witches to learn about:

Gray Witch

Gray Witches practice black and white magic depending on what suits the situation. They will use curses and hexes when the situation calls for it. They typically seek justice and the correction of unfair circumstances, redirecting bad energy to where it should’ve gone in the first place. They will often call on the unseen spirit presences to help them.

Eclectic Witch

Eclectic Witches tend to cherry-pick whatever practice, ritual, belief, or ideas feel natural and good to them in the moment. Many beginner witches start as eclectic witches to not be tied down to any one practice or area.

House / Hearth Witch

A House Witch focuses on making their house a magical space. They perform rituals through cooking, cleaning and focusing on home objects.

Sea Witch

Sea Witches have a special connection to the ocean. They might practice water magic by using seawater in their rituals, bringing seashells home for their altar, and pay special attention to the Moon.

Ceremonial Witch

Ceremonial Witches focus on ceremonial magic or “high magic”, which often involves more elaborate or specific rituals than everyday magic.


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