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Top 10 Spiritual, Ethnic & Wellbeing Picks for Autumn & Winter 2020

Published date: 20/08/2020 11:54


Get inspiration of new products to offer your customers with our top 10 choices across our Spiritual, Ethnic and Wellbeing category.

Here at Something Different, Spiritual, Ethnic and Wellbeing products have always been at our core and yet something of a niche for retailers. However over the past several years we've seen a shift and even our mass market retailers are taking interest in products such as Singing Bowls and Salt Lamps as the everyday customer has more awareness of the benefits these items can bring to their lifestyle.

If you're looking for new products to offer your customers in this category, we hope you'll find our recommendations helpful.

Wholesale Buddha Head Ornament

1. Verdigris Effect Buddha Head Ornament
Standing 41cm tall, this Buddha head ornament makes a fantastic statement piece in the garden and looks striking the garden as a standalone piece or an accessory in a border, framed by plants.

2. Buddha Face Waterfall Backflow Burner
Available in two colour variations these backflow burners are just the thing for creating a sense of zen in the home. When a lit cone is placed at the top the smoke cascades down in a soothing, calming display which mimicks a waterfall. 

3. Chakra Candles
This Chakra candle is available in seven different colours and fragrances for each of the Seven Chakras. Presented in a lovely, resusable glass jar, these candles are designed to help tune into and balance your Chakra making them perfect for burning during meditation.

4. Chakra Incense Wooden Gift Sets
These beautiful wooden gift sets contain incense cones and sticks, along with an ash catcher featuring a design of one of the symbols of the Seven Chakras. Each gift set is a different colour and fragrance which is designed to help tune into and balance a specific Chakra.

5. Chakra Suncatcher
These colourful Chakra suncatchers are handmade and ethically sourced. Hang them  in windows or outdoors on trees to create a colourful and mood lifting display.

6. Black Obsidian Facial Roller
Designed as a facial massage tool, this Black Obsidian facial roller can help to stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, increase blood flow to the skin for a sought-after 'glow' and ease muscle tension.

7. 9cm Brass Singing Bowl
Singing Bowls have been used by Buddhists for generations to help create a deep state of meditation. This 9cm bowl is a great size for use in the home and it comes with a mat and striker to provide everything needed to create perfect ringing tones and vibrations.

8. Angel Wings Mini Sentiment Sign
Part of our exclusive Angel Wings collection, this mini sentiment sign comes in 6 design variations which share uplifting messages of love, light and hope. These small gifts are a perfect size for posting to someone to let them know they are being thought of.

9. Angel Wing Necklace
Also part of our Angel Wings collection, these contemporary and elegant necklaces come in three designs including an angel wing, a pair of wings and a feather from the wing of an angel. A thoughtful gift for someone to let them know they have a guardian angel looking out for them.

10. Shamanic Drum
We now offer a selection of handmade Shamanic Drums which are believed to offer healing and cleansing through the vibrations created when struck. It's a practice that has been used in diverse cultures around the world for generations. Shamanic Drumming is often also referred to as Rhythm Healing.


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