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The Benefits of Elements Backflow Jumbo Cones

Published date: 25/10/2022 09:34



Designed to take your incense burning experience to the next level! Our Elements backflow incense cones have many benefits that can uplift the aura of any space. For years, many people have been using backflow incense burners to gain mindfulness and peace.

What are Backflow Incense Cones?

Backflow cones send incense smoke downwards and are designed to be used with Backflow Incense Burners. They are crafted with a small hole in the middle which when lit, allows the smoke to flow down through the hole and fall towards the ground for a mesmerising visual display.

Elements Jumbo Backflow Cones are:
  • Handmade in India
  • Vegan
  • Have approximately 40 minutes burn time per cone
  • Available in 12 top-selling fragrances

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What are the benefits of Elements Backflow Jumbo Cones?

Easy To Use

These backflow incense cones are simple and safe to use. It only takes seconds to enjoy the scent and less than a minute to clean up after use. Elements backflow cones are tightly compressed which minimises the amount of ashes scattering and the risk of fire when using in a backflow burner.


Aesthetically Striking

Our backflow cones both offer aromatic and aesthetic perfection which compliments their holistic characteristic. They can uplift the interiors in your home, office space, meditation room or any other space.


Delightful Aromas

The aroma from Elements backflow incense cones can last up to 1 day, while traditional incense cones fragrance the home for only 20 to 40 minutes. As the smoke flows down, the fragrance spreads throughout the room with the potential to linger in the air for a long time.


Detox Your Space

Cleanse your space and eliminate undesirable odours and negative energy with Elements backflow incense cones. As soon as the backflow cone is ignited, it creates an ambience of positive energy through the way it gradually diffuses aroma in the air and revitalises your space with positivity.


Watch the range video


Relax and create impressive smoke displays with these backflow incense cones from Elements Home, with each tin including 20 jumbo vegan incense cones!


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