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TRENDING NOW: Tarot Themed Gifts

Published date: 22/06/2022 14:00


Tarot has blown up on TikTok, a platform that attracts niche communities of young, highly engaged users. Many tarot readers are finding success on the platform, with over 510 million views on the hashtag #tarotreading, and over 1.8 billion views on the hashtag #tarot. Although tarot readings on TikTok are brief and bite-sized for social consumption, they are reassuring by offering guidance and something to reflect on. Tarot on social media has provided an opportunity for the art form to educate curious minds about the beauty behind it, the craft, getting people interested and to make it more accessible.

Something Different Wholesale is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of spiritual, gothic, wiccan and pagan products. Our tarot cards and Fortune Teller range are currently trending and selling fast. 

Read on to discover more tarot themed gifts and why retailers should be stocking this mystical trend. 

Trending Now: Tarot and Oracle Cards

Tarot and Oracle Cards

Tarot cards are believed to date back to ancient Egypt, while others claim they likely began as hand-painted playing cards in 14th century Europe. It was not until the 18th century that these cards evolved into powerful tools used for divination we know of today. 

What’s the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Tarot is a fixed system, with rigid structure and traditions. While imagery will be unique between decks, the format remains the same. Tarot decks are made up of 78 cards, with 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor cards. Oracle cards are considered a fluid system, with variations between decks based on the authors’ individual lexicon and theme. 

The most recognised tarot card deck is that of publisher William Rider and mystic A.E Waite. The Rider-Waite tarot deck has been the leading choice for practitioners, young and old, throughout English-speaking countries for over 100 years. 

Products pictured above:

TC_2615_WEST Ride Waite Tarot Cards
TC_9781788170765 Archangel Animal Oracle Cards
TC_9781401955960 Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Trending Now: Tarot Candles

Tarot Candles

An essential item for an illuminating tarot experience, our new tarot candles are inspired by traditional card designs. Perfect to burn for relaxation, meditation or during a tarot card reading, and lasts up to 25 hours! Choose from a moon, sun, star or lovers design, available in black opium, lavender, white sage and red rose scents to fill the room with fragrance. It also makes a beautiful decorative accessory.

Products pictured above:

FT_52431 The Sun White Sage Tarot Candle
FT_52331 The Star Lavender Tarot Candle
FT_52531 The Lovers Red Rose Tarot Candle
FT_52231 The Moon Black Opium Tarot Candle
Trending Now: Palmistry


Palmistry is another form of divination and is the practice of fortune telling through the study of the palm. Palmistry is an art of analysing the physical features of the hands to interpret personality characteristics and predict future happenings. The non-dominant hand reveals natural personality and character, while the dominant hand shows these traits have been actualised in practice. Together, they reveal how a person is utilising their potential in this lifetime.

We have a variety of palmistry products in our bestselling Fortune Teller range, including:

FT_53830 Black Ceramic Palmistry Hand Ornament  
FT_53730 White Ceramic Palmistry Hand Ornament  
FT_53630 Palmistry Resin Ash Catcher 
Other items pictured above:
 FT_68130 Tarot Readings Bamboo Eco Travel Mug 
FT_70031 Palm Reading Mug
FT_53530 Palm Reading Coaster Set 
FT_65331 Palm Reading Velvet A5 Notebook


Trending Now: Gift Sets

Tarot Gift Sets

Our gift set boxes are ideal for dropship, birthdays, special pick-me-ups, and a perfect way to try out our bestselling products from the Fortune Teller range. These tarot themed gifts are beautifully packaged in a recyclable, black-lined box with eco-friendly shredded paper filling, and includes the following products in a sun, moon, star or lovers design:

  • Tarot Card Coaster – perfect to match with the colour changing mug. 
  • Tarot Card Zipper Pouch – perfect to keep tarot decks, crystals, beauty products and other treasures. 
  • Tarot Necklace – gold toned necklace presented on a matching greeting card 
  • Fortune Teller Colour Changing Mug – features a captivating colour change design revealing a hidden fortune within the mystical crystal ball after a warm beverage is added.

Products pictured above:

GIFT_88322 The Sun Tarot Gift Set 
GIFT_88122 The Star Tarot Gift Set 
GIFT_88022 The Moon Tarot Gift Set 
GIFT_88222 The Lovers Tarot Gift Set 


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For even more inspiration, visit our Instagram page or our website for product ideas. Our Inspire Me and Bestsellers sections are filled with treasures to help you find new and exciting products for your business.





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