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Something Different Is Growing - The New Warehouse

Published date: 05/07/2021 15:01


There is always something going on at Something Different Wholesale and over the past few months we have been busy acquiring a 96,000 sq ft warehouse adjacent to our current building.

As many of you will already know, we currently run our business operations from our 61,000 sq ft building in Swansea but as our business has continued to grow, it has become very clear that we need even more room so we can offer lots more products and exclusive lines to our customers.

When the warehouse opposite came up for sale we realised that we had a brilliant opportunity to achieve our dream and we set about putting the wheels in motion to buy the building. Not only was this the perfect solution to our need for more space but the building is also on the same site as our current warehouse. Everything just made sense. The purchase of the building finally went through a couple of weeks ago and this week a dedicated team of contractors arrived on site to start the epic renovation project.

We thought that you would like to join us on our journey as we add a 2nd warehouse to our business so we have started a renovation diary document the build.

Week One

This week renovation began with the arrival of large machinery to Block F which is at the back of the building.  An exclusion zone has been erected around the block while former offices and pipelines are removed. The project welfare block is also in place, catering for contractors while renovations are underway. Block F is also being tooled out for extra ventilation with cladding being removed and large extraction pipes dispersing the diesel fumes from the machinery, although we suggested they open a window!

Warehouse Block F

Work also began on the Welcome Block last week as the asbestos removal contractor started remedial work by sealing off the affected area to prepare for safe removal.

Asbestos Removal

Scaffolding will soon be erected around the warehouse to support upcoming renovations.

Stay tuned for more updates as renovations are progressing fast!


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