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Product Spotlight: Spell Candles

Published date: 10/04/2019 16:03

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Find out more about spell candles and the use of candle magic...

There is evidence of candle magic being used by many civilizations over the centuries including the Greeks and Egyptians and today it is still practiced by a growing community of people who practice magic and witchcraft.

Whether you believe it or not, it's likely that you've probably been involved in a candle magic ritual at some point in your life - think of birthday candles and how we focus on a wish we want to come true whilst blowing out the flame - this is candle magic in its most basic form.

Candle magic is typically used for spells where the desired outcome is some kind of transformation as fire is the element for transformation; it can turn solids into ash, liquids into gas, soften metal so that it's maleable and cause certain solids (like wax) to melt. By using candle magic this transformative power can be harnessed and used in the spell.

How does candle magic work?

  • Candle magic begins the moment you start planning a spell, so it's important to keep focus and stay positive.
  • Often a small candle is chosen as some spells require the candle to burn in its entirety for the spell to be completed.
  • Unscented candles are more popular as this means unnecessary fragrances won't interfere with the spell.
  • Some practitioners will choose to dress or charge their candle. Dressing a candle involves rubbing oils onto it which will compliment the chosen spell whilst charging can simply mean holding the candle whilst visualizing the end goal.
  • Chanting is often used in spells to develop energy, many people create their own spell and write it in their Book of Shadows.
  • The colour of a candle can help to influence the outcome e.g. red candles are more inline with passion-driven spells.

Our Products

Here at Something Different we offer a wide variety of wholesale supplies for wiccans and witches including spell candles, cauldrons, tarot cards, crystal balls and smudge sticks. If you're interested in selling these products to this market, we'd recommend doing thorough research to have a deep understanding of the practices, celebrations and religion, website like Thought Co and Exemplore are a great place to start.



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