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Our Top Recommendations for Personalised Gifts

Published date: 16/04/2019 14:24

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Find out which are our top gifts and products for personalisation.

There's no denying that the personalisation market is big business, but it might surprise you to know exactly how big it has become and this study from 2015 by YouGov helps give an indication of the rate at which it's growing. The survey was carried out on behalf of the PhotoBox Group which includes brands like PhotoBox and Moon Pig. The survey questioned more than 1000 UK adults and these points were among the findings:

  • More than one in two adults had personalised a gift during the last year

  • Approximately 27 million people have purchased a personalised gift

  • The average spend is now £36.50

  • The age group most likely to buy personalised gifts are those aged between 35 and 44.

  •  At £1 Billion in sales this market is now equal to that for promotional products

If you're interested in expanding into the personalisation market, here are our top product suggestions for customisation. 

Wholesale Baby Memory Box

1. Baby Memory Box
Perhaps one of the biggest occasions that warrants personalised gifts is the arrival of a new baby. This occasion brings about many keepsakes and new parents will appreciate having somewhere to store them all which is why memory boxes are a popular and practical gift. This large gender-neutral memory box from our exclusive Dream Big Little One collection has plenty of space for printing on the baby's name and birth date. 

2. Gym Gear Drawstring Bag
Whether it's for students who are always losing their P.E kit at school or dedicated gym goers who want to make sure their belongings don't get mixed up in the locker room, this drawstring bag is a useful gift idea which can be printed with a name to make it easily identifiable. 

3. Cat Lady Necklace and Card Set
We provide a range of card and jewellery sets featuring everything from cats and dogs to unicorns and mermaids. These cards are perfect for a variety of occasions including Birthdays, Mother's Day or simply just a small gift to remind someone they are special. These cards can be purchased in singles or display sets and each card comes in a plastic pocket which can be opened and easily resealed making them simple to personalise with names and messages.

4. A5 Nan's Favourite Recipes Notebook
Already a thoughtful gift for any Nan or Gran who loves to cook and bake, your business can add extra value to this product by giving your customers the option to add a personalised message which can be printed onto the spoon. 

5. Photoframes
We supply a wide variety of photoframes which are made from various materials including glass and driftwood. These items are perfect for customising with names, dates, special memories or even quotes. 

6. Trinket Dishes
We stock a gorgeous selection of trinket dishes including mermaid, unicorn and flamingo designs. Adding a name to personalise these dishes is an extra special touch that's sure to be appreciated. 

7. Doorstops
Doorstops are a fantastic product for personalisation as they sit at the entrance to a bedroom, making them perfect for kids to state that this is their bedroom and space by adding a name to the doorstop. Our unicorn doorstop has been so popular that we now offer it in four designs.

If you're interested in seeing a greater selection of products we have a dedicated products which can be personalised category

Alternatively you may have seen a product on our website which you like the design of but require a few alterations in order to be able to customise effectively or perhaps you have an idea for a product you're having trouble sourcing? Either way we can help. We offer a variety of services which include bespoke design as well as sourcing. If you're interested in these services just fill in the form below with your query and we'll respond as soon as possible.



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