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Our New Feng Shui Collection

Published date: 17/07/2019 12:06

Wholesale Red Good Fortune Buddha.jpg

Find out more about Feng Shui and our range of wholesale Feng Shui ornaments.

Thought of as the art of placement and how objects within a space affect your life, Feng Shui is an ancient tradition which has been practiced for over 3,000 years.

Our new collection of Feng Shui ornaments represent traditional designs including Wealth Buddhas and Money Toads which have become symbols of the practice for centuries. These ornaments are commonly used in association with Feng Shui bagua which when translated from Chinese means '8 areas'.

These 8 areas reflect different parts of our lives such as health, family, creativity and wealth and it's believed that when the correct Feng Shui ornament is placed is one of these areas it will help to enhance that aspect of life.

There are many symbols which appear in Feng Shui and two of the most predominant are Buddhas and toads. Buddhas can represent a variety of meanings including serenity and spiritual awareness which is reflected by meditating Buddha ornaments whilst laughing Buddhas represent celebration, joy and abundant energy. 

Specific wealth and good fortune Buddhas are also available and these can be identified where the Buddha is carrying a basket, bowl or bag. 

Money toads are another option for helping to bring financial rewards to a household. They are known by many names including money frogs, Jin Chan, Chan Chan and Zhaocai Chan Chu. It's quite common for a money toad to have a Chinese coin placed in its mouth as an offering to the owner of the household it resides within.

At Something Different we are now offering a selection of wholesale Feng Shui ornaments. If you have any questions about stocking these ornaments we would be happy to help. Just leave us a comment below or get in touch with our Customer Care team with any queries you may have.




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