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Oil Burners vs Wax Melt Burners

Published date: 28/06/2021 13:15


Oil Burners vs Wax Melt Burners

We stock a wide range of wholesale oil burners and wax melt burners, but what is the difference between them and which fragrance type is suitable, wax melts or fragrance oil?

The oil burners and wax melt burners we stock can be used with either wax melts or fragrance oils. Oil burners may be described as a wax melt burner if sold as a gift set with wax melts, other than that, there is no difference between our range of oil burners and wax melt burners.

Large Blooming Lovely Wax Melt Burner

How To Use Oil Burners/Wax Melt Burners

To start using the oil burner/wax melt burner, simply add wax melts or fragrance oils to the dish, place a tealight below and wait for fragrance to be released. When adding wax melts, the size and depth of the bowl should be considered to avoid wax overflowing the dish as it melts. Fragrance oils should be diluted by pouring water into to the bowl and diluting a few drops of oil.

After the fragrance has been added, place a tealight below the dish and light the wick. The heat from the tealight will gradually heat the oil or wax and release fragrance into the home. When you are finished using the oil burner/wax melt burner, simply wait for wax or diluted fragrance oil to cool before gently cleaning the dish.

Wax Melts Or Fragrance Oil?

Wax melts are small pieces of fragranced wax which gradually release fragrance as they melt. Our eco soy wax melts are handmade in the UK, fully biodegradable and neatly packaged in recyclable aluminium tins. Each tin contains 12 mini wax melts with an average fragrance time of 20 hours.

The wax melts allow for easier combinations of fragrances by adding different wax melts to the oil burner/wax melt burner. We stock double oil burners which feature a divided bowl to allow fragrances to be customised by adding different wax melt scents to each side of the bowl.

Grey Double Oil Burner

Fragrance oils are scented oils which release fragrance gradually when warmed. The new range of Satya fragrance oils are suitable for aromatherapy, offering calming fragrances including Patchouli, Palo Santo and White Sage. 

While fragrance oils are commonly used in oil burners and wax melt burners, they can also be used in diffusers by adding water to the diffuser and diluting two to three drops of fragrance oil.

Wholesale Goloka Fragrance Oil

Our full range of wholesale home fragrance products also includes backflow incense burners, incense sticks and cones, candle holders and air fresheners. New products and lines can easily be trialed with our no minimum order policy for UK orders with free delivery on mainland UK orders over £50. 


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