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Look at how our products are made in Bali, Indonesia

Published date: 12/08/2022 10:52


Specialising in wood, fabric and glass products, our supplier in Bali, Indonesia has been trading ethically since 1985! They pride themselves in being able to supply innovative and high quality products and offer a large selection of items in a wide variety of categories.

We have developed a fantastic relationship with our supplier and have worked with them since 2015. Since then, we have developed over 300+ exclusive items with them including windchimes, suncatchers, dreamcatchers and so much more. Our supplier follows and believes in the ethical fair-trading principal.

Ethical Trading

As an international supplier of giftware to retailers all around the world, it is of the utmost importance that we have confidence that our products are manufactured in factories that support workers and respect their human rights.

We are committed to purchasing products that are produced with fair working conditions, safe production facilities and fair pay workers. We recognise our responsibility to monitor and continuously improve our supply chain to ensure all of our products are manufactured in fair conditions.

Please click here to read our Ethical Trading policy in full. 

Here are images of our products being handmade by skilled crafts people our supplier works with!

 Image of Rainbow Butterfly Dreamcatcher being manufactured

Image of Rainbow Butterfly Suncatcher

 This Rainbow Butterfly Suncatcher is sure to brighten someone's day! Handcrafted with wire and filled with colourful resin, this suncatcher is perfect to hang on windows, conservatories or garden for an uplifting splash of colour. 


Image of Multicolour Crochet Dreamcatcher being manufactured

Image of Multicolour Crochet Dreamcatcher 

This large Multicolour Crochet Dreamcatcher will definitely impress house guests! Brightly coloured and handcrafted with attention to detail, this dreamcatcher is a real statement piece. 


Image of Wire Lotus Hanging Decoration being manufactured

Image of Wire Lotus Hanging Decoration 


This 67cm Wire Lotus Hanging Decoration is perfect for brightening up and filling a space on a blank wall. The black lotus flower is handcrafted with wire and accented with rainbow shell disks. 


Image of Purple Moon & Star Dreamcatcher being manufactured

Image of Purple Moon & Star Dreamcatcher 


The design of this Purple Moon & Star Dreamcatcher is an updated take on the traditional dreamcatcher! This celestial style features purple feathers and copper beading, tassel and star accents with a crescent moon in the centre. 


Image of Bamboo Windchimes being manufactured

Image of Small Bamboo Windchime 


This Small Bamboo Windchime is 30cm in length featuring several bamboo tubes in different lengths suspended from a coconut shell. As the breeze catches the windchime, the carved bamboo chimes knock together to create a distinct natural and relaxing sound. Ethically sourced and made from sustainable wood. Click here to view other sizes!


The importance of product knowledge

Product knowledge is an essential sales skill. Understanding product features allows you to present their benefits accurately to customers. Customers respond to enthusiastic sales staff who are passionate about their products and eager to share the benefits with them. If you stock the above items, please feel free to use the information in this blog to help develop your product knowledge.


Link to watch our products being handmade in Bali

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