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Anne Stokes Wholesale Merchandise

Explore our extensive collection of exclusive products designed by Anne Stokes.

Anne Stokes LogoAnne Stokes is a highly acclaimed fantasy artist whose art covers a broad range of themes from magic and enchantment to gothic and steampunk.

Anne has a fascinating career history and has designed tour merchandise for some of the biggest bands in the world including Queen and the Rolling Stones. Working as a sculptor, Anne has created jewellery for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld whilst her work as a freelance illustrator has led her to develop art for books, records and even concept art for Dungeons and Dragons.

Today Anne’s sought after designs are available on a wide variety of products including those we exclusively develop here at Something Different. Thanks to her impressive talent Anne has a huge worldwide following of fans, many of whom see her products as collectors’ items.

If you’re interested in stocking our Anne Stokes merchandise, click here to see our entire collection of Anne Stokes products.

Our Anne Stokes Products

We've developed an exclusive range of incense with fragrances inspired by Anne Stokes' art. Our incense sticks and cones are made from high quality ingredients and are available as gift packs or retail ready display boxes, with each item featuring Anne's eye-catching artwork.
Our range of Anne Stokes spirit boards features some of her most bold and striking designs like 'Awake Your Magic', 'Gothic Prayer' and 'Spirit Guide'. Each board comes with a planchette for readings.
We offer an impressive collection of over 60 different canvas wall art designs by Anne Stokes. Printed in high quality on lightweight canvas, you'll find designs featuring fairytale inspirations from dragons and unicorns to owls and wolves.
Discover some of Anne Stokes' most beautiful and intricate designs on a selection of ceramic and new bone china mugs.
Our Anne Stokes clocks feature high colour prints of her most beloved artworks. A must-have home decor accessory for fans of her work.
Anne Stokes' art has been brought to life in the form of these incense burners, crafted by John Woodward. At first glance they could be mistaken for a decorative ornament but once a lit incense cone is placed within the curling smoke brings the piece to life.