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The Best Unusual Wholesale Gifts

Published date: 17/12/2020 15:07

Unusual Gifts - Spellm Candles.jpg

Nothing is more dull than walking into a boutique gift shop and finding the same old array of boring, standardised gifts. The truth is, most shoppers will be much more intrigued by items that seem unusual and one-of-a-kind. Today, we’ll be talking about the importance of investing in unusual gifts in your wholesale orders that stand out and jump off the shelves. Plus, we’ll give you some suggestions of great items to add to your stock from Something Different Wholesale.

Why Every Retailer Should Think About Adding Unusual Gifts to Their Stock

Studies have shown that “weird” gifts sell really well. As Store Growers points out, reactions like “Only an idiot would buy this,” are actually a good sign!

Intrigue Your Customers

The enemy of the gift store is dullness. The last thing you want is for customers to walk through the front door and heave a sigh of boredom! If you fill your shelves with genuinely innovative, interesting items, you’ll ensure that your customers are intrigued and excited to keep exploring. Remember, intriguing, unusual gifts will make customers think that your shop has to be the best place to find the perfect gift.

Become a Destination For Great Gifts

If you offer up a range of unusual gifts, your shop will also become unique. If your shop offers items that no other shop can offer, your shop automatically becomes a destination. Instead of simply receiving customers who happen to be passing by, people will be happy to make a longer journey to visit you. As a destination, you’ll distinguish yourself for other similar shops both online and on the high street, thus attracting more footfall and traffic.

Make Buying Later Impossible

On some occasions, customers will consider making a purchase, but will decide to wait to buy something similar closer to the event or until they’ve browsed elsewhere. However, if you offer unusual gifts, customers won’t have the option to purchase a similar item from somewhere else — they’ll have to make that purchase now!

Make Gifting Feel More Personal

Customers will love being able to select items that feel really special and personal. Run-of-the-mill gifts may be “safer” options, but they always feel pretty sterile. With unusual items in stock, customers will feel that their gift has a personal feel.

Unusual Halloween-Themed Wholesale Gift Ideas

Looking for a few exciting options to add to your Halloween decoration section? We’ve got you covered!

The Coffin Wine Rack

This spooky wine rack is both stylish and truly unique. With its clearly recognisable coffin shape and a cute phrase reading, “Witch way to the wine,” this rack is perfect for whipping out every October. It holds six bottles in the rack and even was a shelf on top for two glasses. Red wine looks great on this rack for extra Dracula vibes.

Spell Candles

Our various packs of “Spell Candles” come in a range of scents. Perfect for the witch of the family!

Money Cat

This popular Money Cat item is known as a good luck charm. With a battery powered waving paw, customers will love this unique and high-quality gift.

Discover More Options at Something Different Wholesale

Something Different Wholesale has a huge range of unusual gifts to choose from. With everything from home decor to personal accessories, you’ll find everything you need to seriously spruce up your shop and become a place that consumers keep returning to for the unique items on the shelves. Discover our range today, or contact us at 01792 940288 to learn more.


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