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The Best Teacher Gifts To Stock

Published date: 17/12/2020 12:40

Best Teacher Gifts to Buy Wholesale.png

Many gift shops forget that teachers are one of the prime gift recipients throughout the year. Students are actually constantly looking for great gifts to give their teachers! If you’re a retailer looking for some great teacher gifts to buy wholesale, we have you covered. Here, you’ll find our suggestion on when to stock your best teacher gifts, plus, we’ll offer some ideas of great, unique gifts that students will love to snap up for their teachers.

When Will People Be Looking for Gifts for Teachers?

Surprisingly, students are pretty much always looking for gifts for their teachers. Whether it’s an attempt to boost their grade or simply a gesture of good will, who knows. Regardless, here is our suggestion of the best times of year to increase your teacher-specific stock.

Start of Term

A natural time to buy a gift for a teacher is at the start of term. Around August and September, be sure to increase the visibility and amount of teacher-related gifts in your shop. Even consider starting a promotion to encourage students to snap them up.

Start of the Holidays

Around Christmastime, students will be thinking about thanking their teachers for their first semester at school. In late November and early December, be sure to promote your teacher-related gifts.

Teacher’s Birthday

Of course, every teacher will have a different birthday. This means that there’s a chance that students will be constantly looking for a nice teacher gift. So, even if it’s not considered prime time for teacher gifts, make sure you always have a few in stock just in case!

Before a Big Test

Throughout the year, there are several major tests that occur for different age groups. Find out when the biggest tests occur and try to promote your teacher gifts around this time. Think GSCEs, A-Levels, and SATs. Students may wish to give their teachers gifts for their extra help in preparing for their exams.

End of the Year

Of course, the end of the year is the natural time to give a gift to a teacher — especially for primary school students who have been with the same teacher all year. Early July, make sure your teacher items are ready to go!


Wholesale Teacher Gift Ideas For Your Shop

Looking for some new, fun gifts for your teacher section, check out these items from Something Different Wholesale.

Thank You Teacher Sign

This adorable sign is the perfect, simple gift for a student of any age, and the teacher will love hanging it from their classroom wall.

Thank You For Helping me Grow Plant Pot

This clever play on words refers to both the student and the plant — plus, it’s pretty useful. Consider placing it near some small plants so that students can buy a plant to go with the pot.

Best Teacher Hanging Heart Sign

This is another super cute sign that shows the teacher just how loved they are by their students.

Relaxing Incense Sticks

Older students might realise that teachers are prone to getting pretty stressed. Placing some relaxing incense sticks in your teacher gift section will give students the idea to give a gift that teachers will seriously appreciate after a long, tough year at the blackboard.


Find More Options at Something Different Wholesale

At Something Different Wholesale, we offer a massive range of unusual, high-quality gift items sold wholesale for your shops. Fill your shelves with exciting items that customers won’t be able to resist. Check out what we have to offer today and get ready for teachers’ presents, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and every other holiday you can think of!



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