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Our New Collection of Wholesale Soy Wax Melts Has Arrived

Published date: 27/09/2019 15:32


Made in the UK using high quality ingredients our new soy wax melts are eco-friendly and offer long-lasting fragrance in the home.

At Something Different we’ve always offered a selection of home fragrance products with our biggest category being incense, however recently we thought about how wax melts have also become a favoured product in many homes and so we set about creating an eco-friendly and sustainable wax melt collection.

We’re excited to announce this new collection has now arrived and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you. The range contains 8 different fragrances including popular favourites like Soft Cotton and Lavender to more unique scents like Jamaican Pineapple and Blackberry Jam.

Made right here in the UK our wax melts contain high quality ingredients to offer long-lasting fragrance and a low melting temperature. Unlike more traditional wax melt tarts, our melts are shaped like tablets giving the option to easily top up larger burners as the scent begins to fade or offer the right amount for small burners instead of needing to break up a tart to make it fit. We’ve also chosen to source aluminium tins for our melts which can easily be recycled or reused for another purpose.

Whilst we could talk about our products for days (we need to be stopped!) we thought we’d share with you a bit about the upward trend for wax melts and perhaps if they aren’t something which you currently offer, we might give you some reasons to reconsider…

The Trend

Interest in wax melts has grown substantially over the past 5 years and has become something of a household home fragrance staple. In the Google Trends graph below you can see that since 2014, web searches for wax melts in the UK has risen year on year with more dramatic growth in 2019 that looks set to increase again for the latter part of the year. From the trend line we can also see a seasonal pattern emerging where wax melts are searched more often over the cold months before dropping slightly from May to August and rising again before the Autumn/Winter period.

Wax Melts Google Trend Report UK

The Impact of Influencers

It seems that there might just be an influencer for any interest or hobby out there and cleaning and housekeeping is certainly no exception. Perhaps one of the biggest influencers in this arena is Mrs Hinch who found fame on social media and has amassed an audience of 2.7 million Instagram followers – all from sharing tips and videos for how to clean your home. Mrs Hinch is no stranger to wax melts and a mere mention from her of how she loves a wax melt brand or new fragrance has seen demand grow overnight. In fact her word of approval is so influential that brands like Minky and Zoflora have had their products sell out at supermarkets for several weeks before supply has been able to catch up. It’s safe to say that Mrs Hinch runs her home as a tight ship and the level of organisation, cleanliness and décor is very aspirational – so much so that if it’s a £2.99 wax melt that’s needed to achieve that lifestyle – we’ll take one in every scent!

What is it about Wax Melts?

Have you heard about the Lipstick Index? The term was first coined by Leonard Lauder a chairman of beauty brand Estee Lauder who used it to describe the increase of sales of lipstick during the early 2000s recession. The brand believed that consumers were purchasing lower price items like lipstick in favour of more expensive products such as dresses, shoes and handbags due to the financial uncertainty at the time. In many ways wax melts have a similarity to lipstick – they are a small item with a low price point that feels a justified purchase because it has a purpose and can be used every day – making the consumer feel good. In fact the purchase of a wax melt can feel even more justified than a lipstick because it’s for the home and a signifier of good housekeeping.

The Gift for Any Occasion

All over-thinking aside, wax melts truly are just a great gift whether it’s a treat-to-self or to another for any manner of occasions from new babies and weddings to new homes, birthdays or as Christmas stocking fillers. This product can be created in a huge variety of scents and colours so that there is something for everyone. A wax melt is a low-risk gift – it’s not going to clash with someone’s carefully curated interior design and it’s not a large item that someone will curse over having to find a place for. Instead they can contribute to an emotional reaction e.g. using Lavender in the bedroom to help aid a restful night’s sleep, making your home feel fresh and renewed with citrus scents in summer or as the dark winter nights draw in we can be made to feel cosy with scents of vanilla, baking and festive spices.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on wax melts – are they an item you offer already or something you’re hoping to expand into? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us if you have any questions about stocking our products, we’re always happy to help.


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